Information on current mining proposals:

Denison Mines La Sal Mines Complex Plan of Operations Amendment

Centennial Pit Backfill Mine Plan Modification

Locatable Minerals

Location involves minerals like gold and silver and other metallic elements and uncommon varieties of non-metallic deposits. Under the general mining laws, such as the Mining Law of 1872, locating a claim includes the possessory right to the locatable minerals.  See the links below for more information. 

The locatable minerals commodities found within the Moab Field Office include copper, uranium and vanadium.  The Moab Field Office manages the largest copper mine operated on public lands in the State of Utah and currently manages one uranium mine.  Management of mine operations consists of permitting, compliance enforcement, monitoring and reclamation cost estimating.

Plan Level Operations require BLM site inspections four times per year if hazardous chemicals such as sodium cyanide or sulfuric acid are used in the metal recovery process. Notice Level Operations must be inspected twice per year in addition to pre-acceptance of the proposal and post reclamation at the end of operations. Expired Notice Level Operations require field inspections to document what the remaining reclamation obligations are and notification sent to the operator and claimant.