Ten Mile Wash 

Land Use Plan:

Moab Field Office Resource Management Plan



Values:To protect the relevant and important values of natural systems (riparian/wetlands), wildlife, cultural resources and natural hazards.
Management Guidance:
  • Prioritize Ten Mile for Class III cultural inventory.
  • Prioritize Ten Mile as a scientific research area.
  • Grazing will be allowed on a limited basis in Ten Mile Canyon downstream from Dripping Springs, with changes subject to future monitoring and conformance with Standards for Rangeland Health.
  • Prioritize area for riparian restoration.
  • Restrict camping and campfires to designated sites at Dripping Spring.
  • Motorized and mechanized travel limited to designated routes.
  • No competitive events.
  • Establish speed limits.
  • Reroute designated road around the wetlands south of the cattleguard near Dripping Springs.
  • Restrict vehicle access at the Green River; designate a parking area at the Green River.
  • Permits for motorized recreational use may be required if monitoring indicates long-term damage.
  • Require permits for groups greater than 25 vehicles.
  • Apply a no surface occupancy stipulation for oil and gas leasing and preclude other surface disturbing activities.
  • No commercial or private collection of woodland products.