Mill Creek Canyon

Land Use Plan:

Moab Field Office Resource Management Plan



Values:To protect the relevant and important values of cultural resources, scenery, natural systems: (cold water fishery/riparian/watershed and wildlife).
Management Guidance:
  • Recreation activities will be managed according to the South Moab SRMA.
  • Prioritize Mill Creek for Class III cultural inventory.
  • Protect Native American traditional cultural places.
  • Designate as VRM Class II.
  • Livestock grazing will not be available.
  • No vehicle-based camping.
  • No campfires in riparian areas.
  • Motorized competitive events will be prohibited.
  • No new mechanized or motorized routes. Motorized and mechanized travel limited to designated routes.
  • All recreational events will be confined to the designated roads in the ACEC.
  • Limit recreation facility development to day-use only.
  • Acquire state land within ACEC as the opportunity arises.
  • Maintain 3 cfs in the South Fork of Mill Creek below the Sheley diversion.
  • Apply a no surface occupancy stipulation for oil and gas leasing and preclude other surface disturbing activities (see Appendix A).
  • No recreational mining will be allowed.
  • No fuelwood harvesting permits will be issued.
  • Private wood gathering for backpacking campfires will be allowed in the uplands only.