Highway 279/Shafer Basin/Long Canyon

Land Use Plan:

Moab Field Office Resource Management Plan



Values:To protect the relevant and important values of scenery, wildlife, natural systems (threatened, sensitive and endangered plants), and cultural resources.
Management Guidance:
  • Designate Highway 279 and Long Canyon as VRM Class II; manage the remainder of the ACEC as VRM I.
  • Permitted activities will be confined to main roads within crucial bighorn lambing habitat from April 1 through June 15. This restriction will not apply to filming if the filming meets the minimum impact criteria (see Appendix H).
  • Wall Street rock art sites will be managed for public use with the emphasis on interpretation.
  • Motorized and mechanized travel limited to designated routes.
  • Vehicle-based camping only in designated campgrounds.
  • No campfires except in campgrounds.
  • Retain ACEC in public ownership except for the previously initiated Moab Salt Exchange Parcel (635 acres). Manage the entire area as no surface occupancy for oil and gas leasing and preclude other surface-disturbing activities.