Cottonwood - Diamond Watershed

Diamond Canyon Before Fire (2002)          Diamond Canyon After Fire (2005)

Land Use Plan:

Moab Field Office Resource Management Plan



Values:To protect the relevant and important values of natural systems and to mitigate the natural hazards due to fire.
Management Guidance:
  • Continue to keep area not available to livestock grazing.
  • Close to vehicle use at the end of the Class B-road system, except for administrative access.
  • No new mechanized or motorized routes. Motorized and mechanized travel limited to designated routes outside the WSA, and closed in the WSA.
  • No competitive events.
  • Suspend commercial permits (guiding or special groups).
  • ACEC will only be designated until hazard is no longer present. At that point, management will revert to the IMP.
  •  About 34,027 acres within the WSA are closed to oil and gas leasing, and the remaining 1,804 acres will be managed as no surface occupancy for oil and gas leasing. Other surface disturbing activities will be precluded.