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Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation
Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation (ESR)

Hay Canyon Fire, Moab Field OfficeFollowing wildland fire, Moab Field Office resource managers may determine that emergency or long-term rehabilitation actions are needed to protect valuable resources such as soils, riparian areas, cultural resources, and/or to reduce the potential for invasive species spread.  Detailed information on the ESR program can be found at the BLM's ESR website The CCFZ is responsible for the design and implementation of an ES or rehabilitation treatment plan as well as for maintenance treatments and monitoring following ESR activities.  Specific actions taken following fire can include soil erosion prevention measures, seeding and planting of native and/or non-native species, herbicide treatment, fence construction, and many other restoration measures.  

Lessons learned from project monitoring results include practical applications as they relate to treatment implementation as well as adjustments to how future monitoring objectives are defined and methodology applied.  Data results are also incorporated into future fire rehabilitation projects as well as fuel reduction and vegetative restoration projects.

Project summaries and links to monitoring reports are listed below:

Bryson Wash (424 acres in the Harley Dome area, 2 miles north of I-70 and 3 miles west of the Utah/Colorado border in Grand County, Utah, 2006)

Westwater II (120 acres near the Westwater section of the Colorado River, ten miles northeast from the town of Cisco in Grand County, Utah, 2006)

Cedar Point (53 acres near Monument Canyon west of the Utah/Colorado border and 23 miles east of Blanding in San Juan County, Diamond Fire, Rattle ComplexUtah, 2006)

Dove Creek (110 acres near Cedar Point, west of the Colorado/Utah border and south of Highway 491 in San Juan County, Utah, 2006)

Rattle Complex (94,500 acre fire in the Book Cliffs, approximately 50,800 acres of BLM lands; various ESR treatments implemented between 2002 and 2005) 

Bitter Creek (Approximately 3,000 acres of BLM desert lands north of the I-70 corridor near the Utah/Colorado border; ESR treatment implemented in 1994)

Little Hole (Approximately 3,200 acres of BLM lands south of the I-70 corridor near Westwater Canyon; ESR treatment implemented in 1999)