The Moab Field Office has a long history of oil and gas well exploration. Records from the Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining (2014, UDOGM) indicate that approximately 2,200 petroleum wells have been drilled in the Moab Field Office from the late 1800's through December 2014, of which approximately 281 are currently producing, 248 are inactive but capable of producing, 7 are injection wells, and 1,644 are plugged and abandoned (many were producers at one time). Cumulative production within the Moab Field Office totals over 63 million barrels of oil and over 1.3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

These energy resources are found in 34 oil and gas fields that range from relatively small gas fields in the Cisco desert, to the large Lisbon Valley oil field which has produced over 51 million barrels of oil.

Map of Moab Field Office Oil and Gas Fields 


Moab Field Office Oil and Gas Fields

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