Special Recreation Permits

Special Recreation Permits (SRPs) are authorizations that allow specific recreational uses of the public lands and related waters. They are issued as a means to manage visitor use, protect natural and cultural resources, and provide a mechanism to accommodate commercial recreational uses. Authorized by the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act, permits are required for the following types of uses: commercial, vending, competitive, individual or group use in special areas, and organized group activities and events.

Objective of the Special Recreation Permit Program

The objective of the BLM recreation permitting system is to satisfy recreational demand within allowable use levels in an equitable, safe, and enjoyable manner while minimizing adverse resource impacts and user conflicts. In issuing recreation permits to recreational users of public lands, the BLM authorizes permittees' use of the lands and/or related waters for permitted purposes. This represents a privilege to use public lands and/or related waters which is subject to the terms and conditions of the permits.

Recreation permits are managed in a manner which is consistent with management objectives determined in Resource Management Plans, Recreation Area Management Plans, or in their absence, through recreation management objectives resulting from analysis of resources and visitor use in each area.


Please contact the Kanab Field Office at (435) 644-4600 if you have any further questions regarding the Special Recreation Permit program or if you would like to hold a pre-application conference.