New Travel Route Maps Now Available!!

On October 31, 2008 the Assistant Secretary of the Interior signed the Kanab Resource Management Plan (RMP).  In accordance with the RMP, most of the Kanab Field Office (KFO) is now limited to designated roads and trails.  We now have available a complete travel map for the entire KFO, titled "Recreation Opportunities and Transportation Routes in the Kanab Field Office", which can be purchased for $9.00 from the address below.  This new map is printed on water-resistant and tear-resistant paper and shows numbered travel routes which correspond to numbered signposts on the ground. 

BLM, Kanab Field Office, Attn: Map Sales, 669 South Hwy 89A, Kanab, UT 84741 (Ph. 435-644-1200)

Please note that motorized travel on these public lands is now restricted to these designated routes, with the exception of the open sand dunes on BLM land adjacent to the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park.  Motorized travel is permitted throughout that particular “open” area, as long as vehicles remain at least 10 feet from vegetated areas.

If you prefer to print out smaller maps which basically show the same designated routes for smaller areas within the KFO, below you will find a list of those. These 11" x 17" maps show the roads that are available for travel. Click on the name of the map to bring up the page for that area. 

There are separate index maps for Kane County and Garfield County.  Each index map shows the area covered by each of the individual designated route maps.  Click on the following links to maps covering the Kane County portion of the Kanab Field Office public lands:  Kanab West, Kanab East, Paria Wilderness, The Barracks, Crocodile, Orderville-Glendale, Skutumpah, North Fork Virgin River, Alton, and Cannonville.

For maps covering the Garfield County portion of the Kanab Field Office public lands, click on these links: Cannonville, Hatch, Escalante, Panguitch, and Dog Valley

We encourage you to review these maps and contact the Kanab Field Office if you have questions, comments or concerns about particular routes depicted on these maps.  We also would like to remind you that future additions, deletions or modifications to the designated route system will be based on criteria described in Appendix 7 (Travel Management/Route Designation Process) of the RMP.