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Proposed RMP/FEIS

Kanab Proposed Resource Management Plan & Final Environmental Impact Statement

KOA & Bryce HoodoosThe Kanab Proposed Resource Management Plan (RMP) and Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) (Proposed RMP/Final EIS) describes and analyzes the Proposed RMP for the planning and management of public lands and resources administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Kanab Field Office. The Kanab planning area is located in south-central Utah and includes approximately 2,847,200 acres of land in Kane and Garfield Counties. Within the Kanab planning area, the BLM manages and administers approximately 554,000 acres of public land surface. The Proposed RMP is open for a 30-day protest period beginning the date the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency publishes the Notice of Availability of the Final EIS in the Federal Register.

Alternatives A through D were presented in the Draft RMP/EIS released in October 2007.

Alternative A (No Action) is a continuation of the current management direction contained in the five LUPs and off-highway vehicle (OHV) management actions.

Alternative B (Preferred Alternative) provides opportunities to use and develop resources within the decision area while also ensuring resource protection. Alternative B would provide for continued access and development of resources with stipulations and mitigation to protect natural and cultural resources.

Alternative C emphasizes the protection of the decision area’s resource values while allowing commodity uses as consistent with current law, regulation, and policy. Management actions would emphasize resource values such as habitat for wildlife and plant species (including special status species); protection of riparian areas and water quality; preservation of ecologically significant areas; maintenance of wilderness characteristics; and protection of scientifically significant cultural and paleontological sites. Access to and development of resources within the decision area could occur with intensive management and mitigation of surface disturbing and disruptive activities.

Alternative D emphasizes opportunities to use and develop resources within the decision area. It would provide for motorized access and commodity production with minimal restrictions, while providing protection of natural and cultural resources to the extent required by law, regulation, and policy. This alternative would largely rely on existing laws, regulations, and policies, rather than on management or special designations, to protect sensitive resources.

The BLM has the discretion to select the Proposed RMP by combining components of the various alternatives presented in the Draft RMP/EIS. The Proposed RMP is based on Alternative B of the Draft RMP/EIS, and has been modified by public comments, BLM review, and providing the best means to accommodate the widest range of public and agency concerns over resources and resource uses.

Protest Period: Protests must be postmarked or received no later than August 18, 30 days after publication of the EPA Notice of Availability in the Federal Register. 

Proposed RMP/FEIS

Download the complete text of the Kanab Proposed RMP/FEIS here.  (10910KB)

Download the complete set of maps for the Kanab Proposed RMP/FEIS here.  (25530K)

To download by section, click on the links below.

Cover Page, Table of Contents, Executive Summary (1253KB)

Chapter 1 -- Introduction, Purpose and Need (185KB)

Chapter 2 -- Proposed Kanab Resource Management Plan (315KB)

Chapter 3 -- Affected Environment (627KB)

Chapter 4 -- Environmental Consequences of the Proposed Kanab Resource Management Plan (644KB)

Chapter 5 -- Consultation and Coordination (361KB)

Glossary (162KB)

Volume 2 -- Table of Contents (1131KB)

Appendix 1 -- Best Management Practices for Land Uses (35KB)

Appendix 2 -- Best Management Practices for Raptors and their Associated Habitats (64KB)

Appendix 3 -- Surface Stipulations Applicable to Oil and Gas Leasing and Other Surface Distrubing Activities (77KB)

Appendix 4 -- Recreation Management for Special Recreation Management Areas and the Kanab Extensive Recreation Management Area (41KB)

Appendix 5 -- Lands Designated for Potential Disposal Via FLPMA Section 203 Sale (21KB)

Appendix 6 -- Kanab Field Office: Coal Unsuitability Report (3154KB)

Appendix 7 -- Travel Management/Route Designation Process (33KB)

Appendix 8 -- Wildland Fire Resource Protection Measures (67KB)

Appendix 9 -- Conservation Measures, Oil and Gas Lease Notices, and Recovery Plans for T&E Species (103KB)

Appendix 10 -- Utah Public Lands Study:  Key Social Survey Findings for Garfield and Kane Counties (54KB)

Appendix 11 -- Changes between the Draft RMP/EIS and the Proposed RMP/FEIS (158KB)

Appendix 12 -- State of Utah Letter Addressing Air Quality (756KB)

Appendix 13 -- Wild and Scenic Rivers Study Process (161KB)

Appendix 14 -- Areas of Critical Environmental Concern Evaluation Report (431KB)

Appendix 15 -- Reasonably Foreseeable Development Scenario (30KB)

Appendix 16 -- Summary of County General Plan Public Land Decisions (47KB)

Public Comments and Responses (Sorted by Category Name) (1311KB)

Public Comments and Responses (Sorted by Commentor Name) (1328KB)

Proposed RMP/FEIS Maps

Map 01_Land_Ownership (3866KB)

Map 02_Mule_Deer_Habitat (503KB)

Map 03_Elk_Habitat (478KB)

Map 04_Pronghorn_Habitat (441KB)

Map 05_Veg_Treatments (471KB)

Map 06_VRM (479KB)

Map 07_Wilderness Characteristics (452KB)

Map 08_SRMAs (446KB)

Map 09_OHV (463KB)

Map 10_Route Designations (477KB)

Map 11_ROW (445KB)

Map 12_Locatables (439KB)

Map 13_FLPMA (456KB)

Map 14_Oil_Gas_Categories (475KB)

Map 15_Coal Suitability (471KB)

Map 16_Mineral Materials (442KB)

Map 17_ACEC (457KB)

Map 18_WSRs (490KB)

Map 19_Surface Disturbances (496KB)

Map 20_EPCA_Analysis (477KB)

Map 21_Surface_Geology (556KB)

Map 22_Physiographic_SubUnits (528KB)

Map 23_Precipitation (472KB)

Map 24_Fragile Soils/Relict Vegetation (432KB)

Map 25_Watersheds (2961KB)

Map 26_Veg_Communities (519KB)

Map 27_Riparian_Wetland (457KB)

Map 28_MSO_Critical (470KB)

Map 29_Greater_Sage Grouse_Brooding_Winter_Habitat (439KB)

Map 30_Desert_Bighorn_Sheep (437KB)

Map 31_Paleo Sensitive (675KB)

Map 32_Lands_with_Wilderness_Characteristics (469KB)

Map 33_Livestock_Grazing (533KB)

Map 34_Inventoried Routes (490KB)

Map 35_Existing Oil/Gas_Lease_Potential (460KB)

Map 36_Coal_Development_Potential (452KB)

Map 37_Gypsum_Development_Potential (448KB)

Map 38_SandGravel_Development_Potential (502KB)

Map 39_Stone_Clay_Development_Potential (498KB)

Map 40_WSA_Wilderness (443KB)

Map 41_Byways_Backways (457KB)

Map 42_Socio Economic (631KB)