Forestry & Woodland Products

Removal of Forest and Woodland Products

Removal of Forest and Woodland Products from BLM lands requires a permit.

Permits can be obtained from the Kanab Field Office, located at 318 North 100 East, or in some cases by phone at 435-644-4600.  Permits can be obtained Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

Commercial permits are issued on a cas-by-case basis.

Permits for noncommercial fuel wood cost $5 per cord with a two cord minimum sale of $10. 

Permits for noncommercial seed and other woodland products, such as pinyon nuts, wildlings, or other plant matrials, are also available at the Field Office and issued on a case-by-case basis.

Christmas tree cutting permits are available seasonally one week prior to Thanksgiving through Christmas.


Noncommercial Harvest

Sale Administration
No refunds will be made on permits.

All wood will be harvested within the specified time limit on the permit unless changed by the Authorized Officer.

Harvest of downed wood is restricted to pinyon and juniper only. Harvest of wood from any other tree species is not allowed.

Cutting down standing dead pinyon or juniper is allowed, except no cutting of dead standing trees will be allowed in Wilderness Study Areas. Also, no cutting of dead standing trees specifically marked as wildlife trees.

Surface Protection
The purchaser of this permit will immediately suspend and discontinue all operations under this permit upon notification from the Authorized Officer that such operations will cause unnecessary and undue soil compaction or soil erosion within the harvest area due to poor weather conditions. These suspensions are not subject to protest or appeal.

Waste Disposal
Harvest sites shall be maintained in a sanitary condition at all times; waste materials at those sites shall be disposed of promptly in an appropriate waste disposal site. "Waste" means all discarded matter including human waste, trash, garbage, refuse, oil cans, petroleum products, ashes, and equipment.

Harvest Stipulations
If standing dead trees are cut, the stump height shall not exceed 6 inches above the ground level measured on the uphill site of the tree.

When standing trees are cut, all portions of a tree exceeding 3 inches in diameter will be harvested and removed from the site.

All dry tree limb debris not harvested will be scattered over the area in such a manner that the depth of debris does not exceed 18 inches in depth at any point. If near gullies, the debris will be placed in the gullies.

No cutting of standing trees is allowed within 100 feet of any maintained road.

Fire Control
During conditions of extreme fire danger, fuelwood harvest may be limited or suspended in specific areas, as determined by the Authorized Officer. This determination of extreme fire danger and limitation or suspension of the permit is not subject to protest or appeal.

The purchaser of this permit will do all within his/her capability to suppress any fire started in the vicinity of his/her operating area. Additionally, the purchaser will immediately notify a BLM office about the fire.

The purchaser may be held liable for fire suppression costs incurred by BLM for any fire which starts as a result of the purchasers' harvesting operations.

Penalty for Damages
If, in the connection of operations authorized under this permit, the purchaser damages or removes fuelwood or timber species other than those sold under the terms of this permit, the Authorized Officer may require the purchaser to pay three times the regular value of the fuelwood or timber cut or damaged.

Permits may be obtained by calling or visiting the Kanab Field Office at 318 North, 100 East, Kanab, UT  84741.