The Kanab Field Office currently manages lands that are prospectively valuable for energy resources such as coal and oil & gas.  Presently the office is analyzing coal leasing for approximately 3,500 acres in the Alton Amphitheater.  As of January 2008, there are approximately 80,000 acres of oil & gas leases within the Kanab Field Office planning area.  This includes leases associated with the producing upper valley oil field located on Forest Services administered lands near Escalante Utah.

Energy resource information regarding existing leases can be obtained on the BLM’s LR2000 data base system at .  The data includes base information on all BLM mineral leases and agreements. 

If you have any questions on information associated with the Kanab BLM minerals program, please contact the mineral specialist at 435-644-4323.

Additional information on the Utah BLM Energy Program can be fund at: