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Livestock Grazing Monument Management Plan Amendment and Associated Environmental Impact Statement


Welcome to the website for the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument (GSENM) Management Plan Amendment (MMP-A) for Livestock Grazing. We hope this website will provide useful information on the Monument Management Plan Amendment process and inform you how to be involved in the process.  We appreciate your participation and look forward to continuing our work together. 

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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is embarking on a process to amend the GSENM Management Plan to provide direction for livestock grazing.  As part of the plan amendment process, the GSENM will prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). At the end of the process, the BLM will make land-use level decisions associated with livestock grazing and amend the Monument Management.

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The BLM is preparing this Plan Amendment because the existing land use plans that provide land-use level decisions for livestock grazing were completed in 1981 and are outdated. The Monument Management Plan (MMP) that became effective in February 2000 did not address most of the prior livestock grazing decisions.  This Plan Amendment will allow the integration of livestock and rangeland management with the other resources in the MMP.

The planning area consists of about 2.1 million acres of land which includes lands in the GSENM and non-monument lands administered by GSENM. The GSENM administers livestock grazing on lands managed by the National Park Service (NPS) within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (GCNRA) as well as lands within BLM’s Kanab and Arizona Strip Field Offices through intra-agency agreements.  These lands occur in Kane and Garfield Counties, Utah and a small area in Coconino County, Arizona. 

The NPS Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is cooperating in the preparation of this plan amendment. The NPS will also be making a decision for GCNRA lands consistent with that area’s enabling legislation (Public Law 92-593).

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