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Lands, Minerals & Realty

Rights-of-way grants - are authorizations issued for a variety of compatible uses of public land. Examples include roads, pipelines, communication sites, power lines, and telephone cables. It is recommended the applicant contact the local field office and discuss a proposal before submitting an application in order to find out more about rights-of-way application procedures. SF-299 application. More information is available here.

Other Documents & Resources
  • GeoCommunicator is the publication site for the Bureau of Land Management's National Integrated Land System (NILS). GeoCommunicator provides searching, accessing and dynamic mapping of data for federal land stewardship, land and mineral use records, and land survey information. GeoCommunicator provides spatial display for land and mineral cases from BLM's LR2000 system.
  • Land and Mineral Records (LR2000)
    • Case Recordation contains information on leases, permits, contracts, grants, agreements, mineral patents, etc. issued by the BLM on federal actions affecting public lands of the United States. Authorizations are issued for the following activities: oil and gas, coal and other minerals, sand, gravel, rights-of-ways, land exchanges and acquisitions, land use withdrawals, mineral patents, land classifications, land claims, land sales, etc. Information on the use authorization includes customer data, location, date of issuance, the actions that have taken place, and other applicable information.
    • Legal Land Description contains cadastral survey data including meridian, township, range, section, survey type (aliquot part, lots, homestead survey, mineral survey, tracts, parcels, etc.), acreage, and geopolitical information including the geographic state, county, field office, and surface management agency (BLM, Forest Service, etc.). The surface management agency in LLD is coded as BLM, even when the land is privately owned, unless the land is located within a National Park, National Forest, etc.
    • Mining Claim Recordation contains information on unpatented mining claims located on federal lands including claimant name, approximate location, and other applicable information. Mineral patents are not contained in Mining Claim Recordation.
    • Status contains information on title transfer documents, such as land patents and warranty deeds, to and from the United States Government. Status also contains withdrawal information which is used to determine surface and subsurface segregation's on a parcel of land.

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