Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is a refreshing way to experience the variety of landscapes the Monument has to offer.

Grand Staircase

Kaiparowits Plateau

Escalante Canyons

  • Cedar Wash Loop
  • Nipple Loop
  • Smoky Mountain
  • Fifty-Mile Bench
  • Egypt
  • Wolverine

These lands are rugged and primitive, appealing to those looking for an adventure. Remoteness, limited travel corridors, and low visitation have all helped to preserve this type of opportunity. Help us maintain these values by planning your trip well, being prepared, and camping light. Water is not available along these mountain bike routes, so be sure to carry plenty with you. Note that designated mountain biking routes have not been established on the Monument and mountain biking is not allowed on backcountry hiking routes.

All vehicles and bicycles must stay on roads.
Driving off road is prohibited. 43CFR 8341.1 (c)

Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument

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