Horse & Pack Stock: Escalante Canyons Routes

The Monument offers many opportunities to experience the backcountry by horse but please note that designated horse & pack stock routes have not been established on the Monument.

Stock LogoRoute: The Lower Gulch 

7.5' Maps: King Bench 

Distance: About 5.5 miles one way 

Description: This route begins along the Burr Trail. It is a picturesque canyon ride that follows the streambed for approximately 5.5 miles downstream before it becomes impassable to horses. In several areas, the route narrows and you may encounter boggy conditions and quicksand

Water: Water is usually reliable in the upper end of the canyon but dries up in the lower end during the summer months

Important Info: Deerflies are a problem in late May, June, and July. Flash floods are possible.

Stock Logo Route: Deer Creek 

7.5' Maps: King Bench 

Distance: About 7 miles one way 

Description: This route begins near the Deer Creek campground off the Burr Trail road. It traverses slickrock and deep sand, and some areas are quite steep. You can combine The Gulch and Deer Creek to make a longer ride

Water: Once you leave Deer Creek, there is no water, even in the Gulch, unless you ride early in the year (before late June)

Important Info: This ride is only for experienced riders and horses in good trail shape

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