Camping: Tips

Camping is one of the many ways people enjoy the beauty and solitude of the Monument's backcountry. To protect these resources, please camp in already disturbed areas.

Minimum-impact camping techniques help to maintain the unique qualities that make the Monument special. If not already identified as a recommended camp site in this web-site under Primitive Camping Locations, please find a location which shows signs of prior use as a campsite. Do not camp at trailheads or within 300' of corrals, springs, seeps, or streams.

When car camping, we strongly recommend that you use a camp stove. For campfires, a metal fire pan, such as a garbage can lid or an old barbecue bottom, is recommended.  Before breaking camp, transfer the cold, blackened ashes to your garbage container, and stow the fire pan in a separate bag.  This way, other campers will find a clean camp for their own enjoyment. Bring your own firewood, since dead and down wood is important habitat for other creatures, and please do not take living plant material for any purpose.

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