The Fillmore Field Office currently manages lands that support wind, and geothermal projects.  There is also interest in locating solar energy projects on lands managed by the Fillmore Field Office.

Wind TurbinWind Energy
Wind Farm development is a new and emerging energy resource that the Fillmore Field Office is actively involved in. Wind power uses the naturally occurring energy of the wind for practical purposes like generating electricity, charging batteries, or pumping water.  Several companies have right-of-way applications in the works, and one company has an authorized grant for wind energy site testing and monitoring within the boundaries of the Fillmore Field Office. One company has submitted an application for a right-of-way grant for commercial wind energy development facilities.

Vibrroseis TruckGeophysical Exploration
Geophysical (or seismic surveying) exploration projects have also increased significantly. With the advent of 3-D technology, companies are able to tap into more complex oil and gas formations at greater depths. In the Fillmore Field Office, four geophysical projects have been completed in the last two years, with an additional project pending.

Additional Energy Information

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