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Mountain Bike Area

Mountain Bike Trails Map



Three Peaks is host to multiple mountain bike trails creating 19 miles of designated trail system. Five trails of varying difficulty for all users are featured. There is a 25 MPH speed limit within the Three Peaks Recreation Area.

  • Three Peaks Trail – 7 miles: This is an advanced ride with up-and-down riding equal to about 1000 feet of climbing. There are some technical stunts such as Double-take Drop, and some very interesting granite slickrock on the south side. The granite is worth mentioning: this fine-grained pink granite presents a riding surface you won’t find elsewhere in Utah. The traction is good, enabling riders to make moves on the granite that can’t be done on sandstone.
  • Big Hole Trail – 4 miles: The Big Hole Loop is an upper-intermediate ride with about 500 feet of climbing. The route follows single tack below a rock–quarry area on the far side of the mountain. A slightly shorter and easier upper route (used for racing) follows double track about the quarry.
  • Race Course – 4.5 miles: The race course trail has the best of everything for a mountain bike enthusiast. There are hill climbs, technical areas, sandy terrain and steep downhill portions on this trial, which is almost exclusively single track. This is an intermediate trail with technical portions, but beginners can manage nicely if they walk a couple of very short rocky sier-tilted areas on the trail.
  • Lost World – 1.5 miles: This trail consists mainly of wider track riding and has very few technical areas. It is the only one of the five trails that is not a loop trail, but by connecting with the practice loop can be turned into a longer loop trail.
  • Practice Loop – 2 miles: This is a beginner trail that gives the novice mountain bike rider a chance to practice all the necessary skills before heading out on longer more technical trails. There are instructional signs along the trail to assist the rider in improving their skill set. Uphill, downhill and sand riding will all be experienced on this trial.