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Wilderness Study Areas

The Cedar City Field Office offers three Wilderness Study Area’s (WSA's). They are White Rock WSA, Wah Wah WSA, and Spring Creek WSA.

Wilderness preservation is part of the BLM's multiple-use mandate, and the wilderness resource is recognized as one of the array of resource values considered in the land-use planning process.

Designated wilderness is managed according to the Wilderness Act, which states that these areas shall be administered to “preserve wilderness character.” For WSAs, Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA) mandates that the BLM “not impair the suitability” of areas that have been identified as “having wilderness characteristics.”

The BLM’s management policy is to continue resource uses on lands designated as WSAs in a manner that maintains the area’s suitability for preservation as wilderness. The BLM’s policy is to protect the wilderness characteristics of all WSAs in the same or better condition than they were on October 21, 1976,  until Congress determines whether or not they should be designated as wilderness.

Most recreational activities (including hiking, horseback riding, fishing, hunting and trapping, camping, and other primitive forms of recreation) are allowed on WSAs. However, some activities may be prohibited or restricted if they do not meet the non-impairment standard or one of the exceptions. Examples of recreational use activities that would be found to impair, and so could not be allowed unless they meet one of the exceptions, include those that require permanent structures or depend upon cross-country use of motor vehicles or mechanical transport