Rock Crawling
vehicle-rock-crawlingThere are numerous places in the Cedar City Field Office to challenge one’s self and one’s vehicle. The Three Peaks Recreation area has awesome rock outcroppings and trails available to challenge any level of driver. With two extremely challenging trails in the Swett Hills west of Cedar City, a person can test his metal (and his sheet metal) in many ways. The Wild West trail and Skull canyon trails are very challenging and should only be attempted by those who don’t mind some body damage to their vehicle.

The sport of rock crawling has become a major activity for a number of local and out of town recreationists. Rock crawling is a sport that involves various forms of four-wheel drive vehicles effectively “crawling” up, over, and across rock formations. The popularity of rock crawling at Three Peaks derives from its unique rock formations within this portion of the complex. Approximately five acres of slick rock are available for this activity. Check with Iron County Parks & Recreation office for detailed information on rock crawling at Three Peaks.

Miles and miles of dirt roads and trails abound in the Cedar City Field Office and can provide both scenic and challenging rides for those looking for a bit less extreme wheeling.