AspenThe Cedar City Field Office (CCFO) administers just over one million acres of forests and woodlands in Iron and Beaver Counties in Utah. The forest types include pinyon-juniper (90%), mixed conifer and ponderosa pine (3%), aspen and hardwood riparian (2%), and gambel oak or mountain mahogany (5%). Occasional small groves of ancient Great Basin bristlecone pine may be found on some of the higher peaks west of Interstate 15. One of the Utah State Big Tree singleleaf pinyon pines is located on Cedar City Field Office administered lands in Beaver County.
The forestry program currently focuses on providing fuelwood, posts, pine nuts, pinyon pine or juniper Christmas trees, and ornamental transplants; both for personal (non-commercial) use and for commercial use. Cedar City Field Office is the only BLM office in Utah that maintains a commercial pine nut program. Clink on the links to the right for more information about the various programs and products.