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Current Projects

Current Wind Energy Projects
The Bureau of Land Management, Cedar City and Fillmore Field Offices have hosted three public scoping meetings in preparation of an Environmental Assessment or EA, for the Milford Wind Corridor Project.  The project proponent is Milford Wind Corridor, LLC, the Utah development affiliate of UPC Wind Management, LLC.  The EA will analyze possible impacts on the environment of construction, operation, maintenance, and decommissioning of the project. 

The proposed location for the wind energy generation facility is approximately 10 miles northeast of Milford, Utah.  The facility would generate up to 300 megawatts and would consist of 120 to 188 wind turbine generators located in parallel rows or "arrays" spaced approximately one mile apart.  Each wind turbine could measure up to 80 meters or 263 feet in height with rotors or blades measuring up to 99 meters or 325 feet in diameter. The height from the base to the blade tip could measure up to a total 130 meters or roughly 425 feet.  Power generated at the facility would be interconnected with the existing Intermountain Power Project or IPP substation near Delta, Utah, by a 90-mile overhead transmission line that would parallel to Highway 257 and loop around Delta.  An alternative transmission line route (following the existing IPP transmission line) would also be analyzed in the EA as an alternative.

Contact: Project Manager Lucas Lucero (702)515-5059
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