The Cedar City Field Office currently manages lands that support wind and geothermal projects.

Wind Energy
Wind Farm development is a new and emerging energy resource that the Cedar City Field Office is actively involved in. Wind power uses the naturally occurring energy of the wind for practical purposes like generating electricity, charging batteries, or pumping water. There are several companies that have right-of-way grants for wind energy site testing and monitoring within the boundaries of the Cedar City Field Office. One company has submitted an application for a right of way grant for commercial wind energy development facilities.

The Cedar City Field Office is home  to both of the geothermal power plants utilizing Federal geothermal resources in Utah.  These power plants are PacificCorp’s 39 MW Blundell facility, and ENEL’s 25 MW Cove-Fort facility.  Both are fully renewable, zero-discharge facilities.  Together, they offset the emission of about 270,000 tons of CO2 emissions that would otherwise be emitted by fossil-fuel generated electricity.  Each facility has the potential to substantially expand their geothermal resource utilization and both have expressed the intent to do so in the near future.