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Theme: Environment, 007
Theme: Fire
Place: State of Utah, BLM Utah State Office

This is the Statewide wildland fire history polygon data of mapped fires (GPS'd after the late 1990's), and contains Utah BLM fires captured through the 2010 fire season. The fire support centers provided local GIS data for their offices, in some cases dating to 1976. The data was then integrated into a statewide dataset using the BLM national "Fire History (polygons)" standard of 20050718  (National Wildfire Coordinating Group;  GIS Data Layer Standard). This is referred to in IM UT-2006-035 expires 20070930.

The original line work in the data was not changed and the values were converted to the standard format. Typically fires less than 10 acres are not captured in this data set.

Fire history is used for change detection and natural resource management.

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National Data Steward: Joe Frost, GTG Data Steward


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