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Theme: structure
Place: offices
Stratum: locations

This data set has the Utah BLMs State Office, 11 Field Offices, 5 Visitor Centers and 1 Field Station. This aids in resource management allowing the public, state of other federal agencies to actually see where the appropriate BLM Field Office for their need is.

The cities each office is located in are:

Escalante Interagency Office/Visitor Center-Escalante, Utah
GSENM Field Office-Kanab, Utah
Kanab Field Office-Kanab, Utah                          
Cedar City Field Office-Cedar City, Utah
St. George Field Office-St. George, Utah                           
Kanab Visitor Center-Kanab, Utah         
Cannonville Visitor Center-Cannonville, Utah               
Utah State Office-Salt Lake City, Utah                         
Price Field Office-Price, Utah
Moab Field Office-Moab, Utah             
Monticello Field Office-Monticello, Utah              
Salt Lake Field Office-West Valley City, Utah
Vernal Field Office-Vernal, Utah
Fillmore Field Office-Fillmore, Utah        
Henry Mtn. Field Station-Hanksville, Utah
GSC-E Nat'l. Mon. Anasazi State Park             
GSC-E Nat'l. Mon. Big Water Visitor Center-Boulder, Utah     
Richfield Field Office-Richfield, Utah

Originally captured for unknown reasons.

Supplementary Information
A layer file was created on 1/26/2007 is in w:\layerfiles and named BLM Offices.lyr.

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