Utah BLM Grazing Allotments and Pastures

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Theme: farming, 001, economy, 005, environment, 007
Theme: grazing
Theme: Range
Theme: Grazing Allotments
Place: State, Utah, Bureau of Land Management, BLM
Temporal: 2008

This cover delineates grazing allotments and pastures mapped at 1:24,000
scale.  This dataset is the result of a joint effort by SITLA and BLM Field
Offices to get a statewide representation of grazing allotments.

For site analysis and display at 1:24,000; For regional analysis and display
at 1:24,000; For use in planning and land management; etc.  This dataset
is the best available statewide digital grazing allotment data for Utah BLM.

Supplementary Information
This cover was compiled and digitized by the State of Utah School and Institutional
Trust Lands (SITLA) using BLM source data.  Allotment lines were digitized from
paper maps ranging from 250K to 24K scale and then justified to match scanned
USGS 7.5 minute quads at 1:24,000.  Allotments in each BLM Field Office were
checked with a Range Conservationist for the area in question and edited to
match known allotment extents.  Allotment numbers were acquired from BLM, Denver
office, 9/98.  This data is subject to change and periodic updates.
The following information applies specifically to the data within the Moab FO,
Price FO and Monticello FO areas.
This cover was assembled from a number of different mapping efforts including
resource management plans, activity plans, and plan ammendments for 3 offices
from 1985 through 1999.  Some of the data, particularly in the old San Rafael
Resource Area needs to be updated to reflect current allotment and pasture
boundaries.  Some allotments were mapped to the extent of a 7.5' manuscript
boundaries, and are therefore incomplete.  This occurs where allotment
digitizing is incomplete, and where allotments are not managed by the former
moab district.  Edgematching between Moab, Price and Monticello field offices
is complete, but not to any other BLM field office.  Some USFS allotments are
also included in the Manti-lasal, Abajo area.  Some updates were made to the
following allotments in July, 1999: Allotment_cd #s 5391, 5861, 5813, 5860,
5847 and 5878. See process_date section dated July 1999 for more information.
Monticello Field Office grazing allotments were updated and digitized in the
version dated Feb. 8, 2000.  Preliminary verification plots were completed, but some
adjustments to the boundaries may be necessary to reflect current allotment
boundaries.  Pasture boundaries were not digitized for the Monticello Field Office
at this time.
This dataset was converted to an ESRI ArcSDE feature dataset format and meets the
national BLM Grazing Allotment and Pastures data standard issued December 2, 2009.
Reviews_Applied_to_Data:  This dataset is being reviewed by field office range
management specialists and udated as changes occur.
Related_Spatial_and_Tabular_Data_Sets:  Rangeland Administration System (RAS)
Notes:  This dataset is the best available digital grazing allotment data and is being updated.


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