Southeast Wyoming Land Exchange

The BLM Rawlins Field Office is considering a land exchange in southeast Wyoming.

Photo of southeast Wyoming land exchange

BLM Wyoming is partnering with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Mule Creek Ranch LLC on a proposed land exchange in southeast Wyoming. The exchange could create a 38,000-acre contiguous block of state- and BLM-administered public lands that would be open for outdoor recreation opportunities including hunting, fishing and hiking. 

Land exchanges are done on a value-for-value basis, not an acre-for-acre basis. The BLM has identified 35,231 acres of isolated and scattered BLM parcels that could be used in various configurations to achieve equalized value for the exchange. We have not determined which parcels of BLM lands will actually be exchanged or sold at this time.

The BLM will conduct a National Environmental Policy Act analysis, which includes public involvement, to determine which BLM parcels from the pool should be considered for exchange. The NEPA process will also demonstrate to the public that the proposed exchange is in compliance with current resource management plans for the area.

Learn more about the southeast Wyoming land exchange by exploring the maps below or by viewing BLM's story map.


Map of BLM-administered lands

This map shows a parcel pool of BLM administered lands that could be part of the southeast Wyoming land exchange. Until BLM completes scoping and the appropriate NEPA analysis, the agency is unable to identify exactly which lands may be exchanged or sold as part of this project. 

Map of Potential Southeast Wyoming Land Exchange Result

This map shows a potential outcome of the southeast Wyoming Land Exchange. The map depicts a possible outcome of the exchange and what public access to BLM and State of Wyoming lands may occur due to the exchange. BLM cannot guarantee that the result depicted in this map will actually occur until further analysis and public meetings are complete.

Map of Sage Grouse Habitat at the Mule Creek Ranch

This map shows priority and general sage grouse habitat at the Mule Creek Ranch. The ranch is partnering with the BLM and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation in this exchange.