The BLM greatly appreciates the contributions made during the tenure of the Carrizo Plain National Monument Advisory Committee. As of November 2019, the Carrizo Committee is no longer active.

The Carrizo Plain National Monument Advisory Committee was composed of citizens chosen for their expertise in natural resource issues.  These citizens helped the Bureau carry out its stewardship of public lands in the Carrizo Plain National Monument.  

The Carrizo MAC served in an advisory capacity concerning the revision and implementation of the comprehensive plan for the Carrizo Plain long-range management plan. The MAC consisted of 10 members that included members representing: Kern and San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors,  Carrizo Native American Advisory Council, Central California Resource Advisory Council, and those authorized to graze livestock within the monument.  In addition, there were members who represented the purpose for which the monument was established and the interests of community members. The diverse membership of the MAC helped ensure BLM land managers heard varying perspectives they needed to achieve their mission, which is to manage the public lands for multiple uses. 

The BLM manages 247,061 acres of public lands within the Carrizo Plain National Monument. 


This Monument Advisory Committee is no longer active.