MLRS Frequently Asked Questions

The Mineral & Land Records System (MLRS) is a new online platform being implemented by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) that delivers state-of-the-art mineral and land records transactions, tracking, mapping, and more for BLM customers and staff.  MLRS will combine many of BLM's current systems (i.e., LR2000, ALIS, and land status records including Master Title Plats) and manual documentation processes to create a more intuitive and efficient way to manage resources and cases. MLRS will allow you to accomplish many of the same tasks you do at BLM public rooms today, but online. This includes researching land availability, submitting mining claim applications, paying fees, and keeping track of claims status, among others. To read more about what MLRS means for you, browse our collection of frequently asked questions below.

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What can I do when MLRS is first released?

MLRS is being implemented in phases. When we first launch in early 2021, you can use MLRS for mining claim related filings and information. This includes filing new mining claims, managing existing mining claims, paying annual maintenance fees, transfers, amendments, and affidavit of assessment work – all online! MLRS will later be expanded to include various other case types.

Can I take action on all of my existing mining claims in MLRS?

Yes, if you register for an MLRS account and find your active claims, you will be able to take action on existing claims that are not closed or on appeal without a stay. If you do not see all the claims you expected to see, you will be instructed to contact the BLM for assistance.

How will MLRS work for lands and realty, or is this just planned for mining?

MLRS is being developed in modules. The first module will be for mining claims; the second will be for oil, gas, and geothermal; and the third will be for lands and realty, where we will work through solid minerals, rights of way, and other lands and mineral cases in LR2000.

Will Master Title Plats (MTPs) no longer be used with the implementation of MLRS?

The National Land Status Database will eventually replace MTPs.  MLRS is being implemented in phases; one of the last phases will be to create an MTP Master Title Plat product that will replace the existing black and white maps used today.

Is there an app on the app store for MLRS?

No. However, MLRS is an online platform that will be accessible via your web browser, including on your phone.

Which web browsers are compatible with MLRS?

MLRS will be compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari.

Is MLRS free to use?

Yes, MLRS will be free to use, and there will be no additional fees to create an account.

What support is available after MLRS launches?

There will be many ways to get help. Learning materials including videos, articles, FAQs, and reference guides will be available in MLRS. For further assistance, you’ll  be able to reach out to the Help Desk.


Who should register with MLRS?

An MLRS account will be useful if you have business with the BLM involving mining claims. You should register with MLRS if you are a:

  • Recreational miner
  • Small mining business owner
  • Large mining corporation employee
  • Mining association member
  • Person who is interested in bookmarking research maps or saving your search results

As MLRS rolls out new features in the future, this list will expand!

What can I do in MLRS without an account?

Without an account, you will be able to find historical and current land status information, access frequently asked questions, read how-to documents, and watch self-paced video tutorials. By creating an account, you will be able to unlock more features that enable you to manage your claims online. ​

What can I do in MLRS when I am logged in?

MLRS is being implemented in phases. Initially you will be able to use MLRS for mining-related claims, such as submitting a new lode, placer, tunnel site, or mill site mining claim.

You will also be able to take action on an existing lode, placer, tunnel, or mill site claim, including:

  • Transfer of Interest
  • Relinquishment
  • Paying maintenance fees
  • Submitting Affidavit of Assessment Work & Proof of Labor
  • Designating Active Duty Military Status
  • Initiating an appeal to IBLA

In future releases MLRS will be updated to include solid minerals, rights of way, & other lands and mineral cases. Please stay tuned!

Who can use MLRS to submit a mining claim?

MLRS will be open to anyone, from recreational miners to large mining corporations, who wants to file a mining claim. To file a claim, a person must be either a U.S. citizen or a legal immigrant who has declared an intention to become a citizen and meets their state's age requirement. ​

Should I register for MLRS with a Business or Personal account?

Your account type will be determined by your needs.

You will create a personal account if you own your claims as an individual and will be the only user within the account.

You will create a Business Account if your claims are owned by a business. With a business account, you plan to add employees to the account, and/or you will be using a business email.


Is the Mining Claims process changed by MLRS?

The overall Mining Claims process will remain the same. For your convenience, many of the transactions will be able to be completed online.

How does the 90-day deadline to file a mining claim change with MLRS?

MLRS will not change any of BLM's existing policies. Therefore, the 90-days-to-file deadline does not change.​

How do I file a mining claim in Alaska using MLRS?

In Alaska, you will not be able to file a mining claim in MLRS until the final module is released in 2022. Until then, you will continue to follow your current processes for filing a mining claim.

Will MLRS let me know if there is an issue with my legal land description (LLD)?

Yes, MLRS will have data validation that informs you if the land description you are entering is invalid in real time. In the event that you do submit a LLD that is inaccurate, BLM adjudicators will notify you via email and/or mail​.

Can I file a mining claim before I place my claim notice on the ground?

No, MLRS will not change any of BLM’s existing policies. You are required to place your notice on the claim first before you file with the county or BLM​.

Do I still need to file my claim with the county?

Yes, county filing requirements will remain the same​.

Does MLRS accept electronic signatures for forms that typically require handwritten signatures?

During the first release, electronic signatures will not be available as current policy requires handwritten signatures on certain documents. However, we are working toward being able to accept digital signatures. Until then, you will need to mail or deliver in-person to the BLM office any documents that require handwritten signatures​.

Do I still need to visit the public room?

MLRS will allow you to do many of the same mining claims tasks done at public rooms, but online. Documents requiring original signatures can be mailed in rather than dropped off in person. But you can always visit the Public Room if preferred.

What will happen to my existing mining claims?

Historic and active mining claims will be available in MLRS. You will be able to view and take action on your claims once you create an MLRS account. Please note, although claims will be available in MLRS, land status records will be not be available until a future release.

How will I access mining claims reports?

A new subpage to containing MLRS data will be made available at the same time MLRS launches.