Northeastern Great Basin Resource Advisory Council


Current Members

Category One: Industry
Vacant Rancher   Federal Permittee
Kevin Lee District III Engineer - Nevada 
Department of Transportation
  Transportation & Rights of Way
Kirk Nicholes Environmental Coordinator - Bald Mountain Mine   Energy and Minerals
Hank Vogler Rancher   Federal Permittee
Jeff White Mining/Environmental Stewardship Manager, Newmont Mining Energy and Minerals
Category Two: Conservation, dispersed recreation, archaeological/historic interests
Cyd McMullen History and Humanities Professor-
Great Basin College
Leslie Hansen Founding member, Northern Nevada ATV Associates   Dispersed Recreation
Dave Tattam Insurance Broker   Wild horses and burros
Vacant   National/Regional Environmental Group
Larry Barngrover
Retired Wildlife Manager
National/Regional Environmental Group - Wildlife
Category Three: Elected officials, Alaska Natives, public-at-large
Vince Garcia - Chair Rancher, teacher   Native American Tribes
Barry Perryman Assistant Professor, Rangeland Ecology, University of NV Reno   Academic
Jon Hutchings Eureka County Department of Natural Resources Manager   Public-at-Large
David Gaskin Bureau Chief, Bureau of Mining Regulation and Reclamation/ Nevada Division of EPA State Agency
Sheri Eklund-Brown Elko County Commissioner Elected Official

Please contact the Nevada RAC Coordinator for further information.

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