Mojave-Southern Great Basin RAC Meeting

Meeting Summary

Minutes - Friday October 21, 2005
Elko Convention Center 

Resource Advisory Council members present and category represented:
Dr. John E. Hiatt Wildlife (Vice Chairman)
Dr. Steve Parker Academic/UNLV
George "John" Weisser Dispersed Recreation
Billie Young Wild Horse & Burro
Dr. Colleen Beck Archeology/Historic
Claire Toomey Permitted Recreation
Joni Eastley Elected Official
Steve Mellington Public at Large (Chairman)
Mark N. Ioli Mineral Development
Kenny Anderson Native American
Doug "Stretch" Baker Transportation/Row
Don "Skip" Canfield State Agency Representative

Resource Advisory Council members absent:
Robert Maichle Environment
Garacian Uhalde Ranching/Grazing 

Bureau of Land Management representatives present:
Ron Wenker BLM Nevada State Director
Gene Drais BLM Ely Field Office Assistant Field Manager
Juan Palma BLM Las Vegas Field Office Manager
Gerald Smith BLM Battle Mt Field Office Manager
Jo Simpson BLM NSO Chief of Communications
Chris Hanefeld BLM Ely Field Office PAO
Hillerie Patton BLM Las Vegas Field Office PAO
Karen Eller BLM Tonopah Field Station PAO

A copy of each attachment is listed in the text of or at the end of these minutes and is also on file with the official copy of the minutes in the Las Vegas Field Office of the BLM. Persons desiring to review said minutes should contact Hillerie Patton, public affairs specialist, at (702) 515 5046.

Steve Mellington called the meeting to order at 7:45 a.m.

7:45 a.m. – Welcome and introductions

Ron Wenker announced that he had asked Juan Palma to be the Designated Field Officer for the Southern-Mojave Great Basin RAC. He thanked Gene Kolkman and the Ely Office for all of their work. Juan announced that Hillerie Patton will become coordinator & Karen Eller will continue to be minute taker.

7:51 a.m. – Housekeeping Issues
Hanefeld reviewed housekeeping issues and introduced new members.

7:55 a.m. – Review/Approval of the August 12, 2005 Meeting Minutes
August 12, 2005 Meeting Minutes will be reviewed at next meeting.

Hillerie Patton introduced herself.

8:00 a.m. – Election of 2006 Officers
Mellington asked for nominations for the Chair
Eastley and Young nominated Mellington. All members were in favor.

For Vice Chair Weisser, Eastley & Young nominated Hiatt. Eastley moved to close nominations. All members agreed on Hiatt.

8:10 a.m. – Establish Fiscal Year 2006 Priorities

Mellington suggested that this RAC didn’t do as much as it could have done. He asked Juan & Gerry what they would like to see the RAC focus on.

Palma brought up the Legacy Plan – and explained that this document explains the needs and goals of the LVFO. He also brought up state wide issues like land health and urban growth & development. LVFO leadership team has discussed LVFO priorities for 06. He gave the RAC several examples of these priorities.

1) Gold Butte- what can BLM do to protect the resources there?

2) Conservation Transfers, RAC advice on where LVFO is headed.

3)Rights of Way & cost recovery (contracts)

4) Las Vegas Field Office Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) 1) Ivanpah Airport, 2) Water EIS 3)Virgin River

5) Wild Horses, he asked for help in developing an agenda for Wild Horses.

6) Oliver Ranch, he asked for the RAC’s help in development of the curriculum.

Ely FO issues

1) Resource Management Plan

2) Restoration of the Meadow Valley Wash area.

3) Eastern NV Land Restoration Project current land use plans have acreage

4) Southern complex fires & restoration of these areas.

Battle Mountain Field Office

Future Management of Rhyolite Town Site. Would like at least 1-2 of the members take an active roll in the partnership BLM has established. Young suggested time frame or safety constraints that would help prioritize issues. A brief discussion ensued. Eastley stated Rhyolite had over 100,000 visitors last year. Smith & Eastley noted that getting drinking water and making it a safe site before setting up the fee structure would be necessary.

Hiatt suggested adding OHV management as an issue that needs to be addressed for the Ely District. Mellington suggested addressing OHV issues within the RMP issue.

Young brought up the issue of urban growth. She suggested being proactive with this.

Hiatt suggested making the issue of Invasive plants a priority. Try to get ahead of the curve on the new invasives that we have a chance to deal with. BLM be proactive on this issue. Time is of the essence - they are coming at an alarming rate. Work with the rd dept and the BLM, dot to create a partnership committed to everyone working towards the same goal.

Young stated that continued WH&B management for AML for the different HMA’s is necessary. This was added to the WH&B priority.

Beck stated that the RAC should be able to produce something from the priorities.

Members reviewed suggestions and prioritized as follows:
Gold Butte

Environmental Impact Statements: Virgin River, Conservation Transfer Area, Water EIS, Ivanpah Airport

Wild Horse & Burro: Hiatt, Toomey, Young, Parker
Invasive plants: Hiatt, Baker, Valerie Metscher?, Toomey, Garacian?
Rights-of-Way: Eastley, Ioli, Baker, Canfield

Other Issues Brought to the RAC’s Attention
Oliver Ranch (Las Vegas District)
Meadow Valley Wash (Ely District)
Nevada Landscape Restoration Project (Ely District)
Southern Complex Fires (Ely District)
Interaction with users of the public lands

>Hiatt suggested establishing sub-committees to address the sub-topics of the priorities to get more accomplished throughout the year.

9:40 a.m. – Establish Fiscal Year 2006 Meeting Dates & Locations

Mellington asked about the budget in relation to the meetings. Jo Simpson suggested if field trips are included, have them a subject of one of the priorities listed. Hillerie suggested making sure that all field trips are attended on the original date.

November 4, 2005, Las Vegas - Ely RMP

January 20, 2005, Las Vegas Field Office - Gold Butte

March 23, 2006 Ivanpah Airport Tour
March 24,2005, Las Vegas Field Office – EISs

June 15 & 16, 2006 Ely

August 17, 2006 Tonopah Field Station & August 18,2006 - Rhyolite Tour

Young was concerned about the need to establish criteria to be able to measure progress.

Hillerie wrote down the +/- of the meeting on how to improve efficiency of future meetings.

10:17 a.m. – Adjourn

- There being no further business, Mellington adjourned the meeting at 10:17 a.m. 

APPROVED BY:  Steve Mellington, Chair, Mojave-Southern Great Basin Resource Advisory Council

- Minutes provided by Karen Eller, BLM Tonopah Field Station -

Please contact the Nevada RAC Coordinator for further information.

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