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New Mexico

New Mexico Resource Advisory Council


Current Members

Name Title/Organization Interest(s)
Category One: Holders of Federal grazing permits, representatives of energy and mineral development, and timber industry

Bruce Gantner

Manager, Environmental, Health,and Safety


Energy and Mineral Development

Wallace “Matt” Ferguson



Federal Grazing

Mark Marley



Federal Grazing

Joanne Spivack

Retired, Vice-President OHV Alliance


Off-Highway Vehicle Users

John Thompson

Oil & Gas Consulting/Engineer


Energy and Mineral Development

Category Two: Conservation, archaeological and historic interests, dispersed recreation

William “Bill” Chavez

Environmental Specialist


National/Regional Environmental

Clifford “Cliff” Larsen



National/Regional Environmental

Robert “Bob” Ricklefs

Superintendent Philmont Scout Ranch


Dispersed Recreation

Lynda Sanchez Archaeological/Historic Interests   Retired Educator/Historian
Lynne Sebastian Archaeological/Historic Interests   Consultant/Director of  Historic Preservation
Category Three: Holders of State, county, or local elected office; members of an Indian Tribe; academicians involved in natural sciences; and the public at large

Gerald Chacon

Department Head, Northern District Cooperative Extension Service


Academician, Natural Resource Management

Betty Haagenstad




Rachel Jankowitz

Mining Habitat Specialist


Employee of a State Agency

Thora Padilla Native American Tribes   Program Manager
William Sapien State, County, Local Official   Sandoval County Commissioner

Please contact the New Mexico RAC Coordinator for further information.

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