Cabezon Creek WSA, NM
Railroad Valley Oil Well, Battle Mountain NV Antelope in New Mexico Arrow-leaf balsam root in Montana Wind Turbine Fire Management Officer in Eugene, OR
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Heritage Education

Introduce the wonders of the past to students of all ages!

BLM’s archaeological, historical and fossil resources offer almost limitless opportunities to America’s teachers.

We want to make the past come alive for students and help teachers enrich their lessons. Messages about stewardship and personal responsibility are important because America’s heritage resources are at risk of damage or loss from natural and human forces.  Individual stewardship is vital to the conservation of these resources for present and future generations.

More Adventures 
in the Past

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  • Children and BLM Employee

    For Teachers

    Project Archaeology:
    Teach young Americans to value and care for our rich archaeolgoical and historic heritage!

    Teaching Resources:
    Find the right teaching tools for your audience.

    Outdoor Class Programs:
    Use the vast cultural, historic, and fossil resources on BLM public lands to teach in a new setting.

    Career Profiles: 
    Join BLM specialists in action! Go "on the job" with archaeologists and paleontologists.

    Children at Yaquina Head lighthouse

    For Students

    Homework Helpers:
    BLM publications and resources on archaeology, history, and paleontology.

    Become a BLM Junior Explorer:
    Get out there, and join the ranks of Junior Explorers around the country!

    Virtual Site Visits:
    Take whirlwind tours of archaeological, historic, and fossil sites without ever leaving home.

    History Mysteries:
    Grab your detective gear; it's time to investigate some of history's coolest mysteries!

      Archaeological excavation

    For Lifelong Learners

    Field School Opportunities:
    Think you're ready to learn some real archaeological techniques?  Her's your chance to get out there with the pros!









    Fragile! Take Care

    Archaeological, historic, and fossil sites are among the most fragile resources on the public lands.  As you visit these sites, follow the principles of "Leave No Trace" and Tread Lightly!": Don't touch, don't trample, don't sample, don't remove.  Let photos, drawings, and good memories by the only souvenirs of your visits to the past.  For more information, visit Leave No Trace and Tread Lightly!

     Pueblo ruin