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Land Use Planning


ePlanning brings the Land Use Planning (LUP) as well as the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process into your home or local library. With an Internet-connected computer, you can open and read land use planning and NEPA documents produced with ePlanning. You can search for issues such as recreation, wildlife, or energy. During the comment periods, you can easily submit your comments online! With ePlanning's comment features, you can tie your comment to particular text right out of the land use planning or NEPA document. It has never been easier to communicate your recommendations and preferences to public land managers.

Explore the ePlanning Land Use Plan Register

Explore the ePlanning NEPA Document Register

Current and Pilot Projects

The ePlanning application has been used by several land use planning projects over the past few years. In the initial stages, the projects provided feedback to the design and development of ePlanning. The following list contains descriptions of each original pilot project and the current projects using or planning to use ePlanning for their upcoming Resource Management Plans (RMPs) / Environmental Impact Statements (EISs) or other natural resource management projects.

Las Vegas Resource Management Plan
Four Rivers Resource Management Plan
Eastern Interior Resource Management Plan

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