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Facts about Federal Energy Leasing and Development

The BLM manages nearly 700 million acres of mineral estate.  In addition to about 245 million surface acres, the BLM administers the Federal mineral estate beneath that acreage.  The Bureau also manages mineral estate administered by other Federal agencies. This acreage includes areas where either the BLM or other federal agencies manage the surface, as well as areas where the surface is privately owned.

Over the past 18 years, energy production on Federal lands has increased, while at the same time the land surface leased for oil and gas development has decreased. Some facts about oil and gas leasing on Federal lands are shown below. Additional information is listed in the box on the right.

National charts have been updated with data from Fiscal Year 2010. Click on the graphics to view larger images (PDF format).

Gas production on federal lands, CY 1992 vs FY 2009

Producible leases, FY 1992 vs FY 2010

 Total Leases in effect, CY 1992 vs FY 2010

New BLM leases, FY 1992 vs FY 2010

Total Acreage Under Lease, FY 1992 vs FY 2010