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Trans-Alaska Pipeline

The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) is an 800-mile pipeline that extends from Alaska's North Slope south to Valdez on Prince William Sound. To tackle the logistics and legalities of this huge project, BLM, other federal agencies, and the State of Alaska work cooperatively as the Joint Pipeline Office. 

Joint Pipeline Office logoTo learn more about the TAPS and rights-of-ways concerning the pipeline please visit the Joint Pipeline Office (JPO) website. JPO works proactively with Alaska's oil and gas industry to safely operate, protect the environment, and continue transporting oil and gas in compliance with legal requirements.  You will find the latest information concerning BLM and TAPS as well as reports and right-of-way information.

Q: Who own's the land the Trans-Alaska Pipeline traverses?
A: Lots of different agencies, companies and entities!  

Ownership, entire system, by area:

pipeline only, length

Pipeline in municipal jurisdiction, approx.

  • Federal government: 
    6.27 sq. mi. approx.
  • State government: 
    7.79 sq. mi. approx.
  • Private:1.33 sq. mi.
  • Owner companies: 
    2.9 sq. mi.
  • Total area= 19.29 sq. mi.
  • Federal government: 
    376 mi. approx.

  • State government: 344 mi. approx.

  • Private:80 mi. approx. (including 51 mi., Alaska Native Corp. land)

  • Total= 800 mi.
  • Arctic North Slope Borough: 179.2 mi.
  • Fairbanks North Star Borough:89.1 mi.

  • City of Delta Junction:5.5 mi.

  • City of Valdez:20.8 mi.

Helpful Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) links

Click the map below to see the land status of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.

Tumbnail map of the Trans-Alaska pipline land status.

Click on the topographic map below to see pipeline route and pump station photos.

Trans-Alaska Pipeline map with pump stations and photos