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Welcome to the 1998 edition of Public Land Statistics, published by U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management. This year's edition includes two new tables: Table 3-3, Rights-of-Way Workload, and Table 3-4, Number of Existing Rights-of-Way. In addition, the Forest Product Sales by State table has been given its own individual table number instead of being referred to as Table 3-9b. Section 3 tables have been renumbered to accommodate these additions. Additionally, footnotes in several tables have been expanded this year to provide a greater level of detail and explanation for the statistics portrayed. Finally, formats and fonts have been changed to make the tables easier to read and understand.

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Note that the data presented in the 1998 Public Land Statistics tables may not exactly match the data in other BLM publications covering fiscal year 1998 operations and accomplishments. This occurs because the databases that provide table data are not static; they are constantly being updated to provide the latest information, sometimes many months after the end of the fiscal year. We have presented the most current data available in this edition of Public Land Statistics.

We remain committed to publishing a Public Land Statistics each year that is timely, complete, and as helpful as possible to our readers.

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