Public Land Statistics

Land Resources and Information Healthy Productive Lands Commercial Uses and Revenues Generated Recreation and Leisure Activities Preserve Natural and Cultural Heritage Health, Safety and Resource Protection

This web site contains links to Public Land Statistics published by the Bureau of Land Management. Public Land Statistics annual reports provide information on:

  • Land Resources and Information: public lands, acquisitions and dispositions, O&C lands, withdrawals, cadastral
  • Healthy and Productive Lands: rangeland, forests, wildlife habitat, fire projects
  • Commercial Uses and Revenues Generated: patents, ROW, grazing, forest products, timber, oil, gas, geothermal, minerals, mining claims, and revenues
  • Recreation and Leisure Activities: recreation uses and revenues
  • Natural and Cultural Heritage Preservations: Natural Conservation System lands, rivers, trails, land exchanges and acquisitions, wild horses and burros, special management areas
  • Public Health, Safety, and Resource Protection: fires, capital improvements, hazardous substances

Public Land Statistics documents by year. Use the Bookmarks in the PDF file to go directly to the page you are interested in. Use the + in the bookmarks next to the chapter name to see the listing of tables and maps.

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