Klamath rafting

Special Recreation Permits

Special Recreation Permits are issued to ensure public health and safety, protect natural and recreational resources, reduce user conflicts, achieve recreation and other resource management objectives, and enhance the public’s opportunity for quality recreation experiences.

Special Recreation Permits are authorizations for commercial use, competitive events, group activities, recreation events, and providing vending services or supplies associated with recreation events. Special Recreation Permits are issued to businesses, organizations, and individuals to allow the use of specific public land and related waters for commercial, competitive, and organized group use.

Special Recreation Permits allow the land stewards to coordinate and track commercial and competitive use of public lands. They also provide resource protection measures to ensure the future enjoyment of those resources by the public. For any further questions, please contact the appropriate BLM Field Office. For questions regarding Special Recreation Permits: https://www.blm.gov/programs/recreation/permits-and-passes/special-recreation-permits