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Solid Waste and Illegal Dumps

Illegal dumping on BLM-managed public land often engenders additional dumping in the same area, a circumstance called “promiscuous dumping.”  To reduce or prevent the occurrence of such dumping, the BLM supports community outreach, education, and involvement; targeted enforcement; and the creation of legal alternatives to illegal dumping.

Illegal dumping has been occurring on BLM-managed public lands for many years.  Such dump sites often encourage or engender additional illegal dumping in the same area, a circumstance called “promiscuous dumps”.

To prevent and reduce the occurrence of illegal waste dumping on BLM-managed public lands, the Division of Engineering and Environmental Services provides the following recommendations for state and field offices to assist offices with their illegal waste dumping problems:

  • Community Outreach, Education, and Involvement, 
  • Targeted Enforcement,
  • Creation of Legal Alternatives for Illegal Dumpers, and Measurement. 

These recommendations have been successful at a number of field offices in preventing illegal waste dumping.