The BLM is seeking veterans interested in working in wildland fire. The BLM funds and supports veteran hand crews in Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, California, and Arizona. These crews are designed and configured to employ veterans and provide career opportunities in fire and other land management careers.

The skills, training, and knowledge veterans acquire while serving in the military are directly applicable to many jobs within the BLM. Veterans possess the necessary skills for wildland firefighting, such as communication, teamwork, decisive leadership, risk mitigation and management, logistical abilities, and emergency medicine.

The BLM Fire program offers many career opportunities ranging from helicopter crews, smokejumpers, heavy equipment operation, engine crews, hand crews and hotshot crews, to wildland fire dispatching and community outreach positions. With 52 district fire programs located throughout the western United States and Alaska, the BLM offers diverse careers in locations that support an active, outdoor lifestyle.

BLM Fire careers provide veterans meaningful work in support of our country and our natural resources. is designed to help veterans understand how federal jobs are filled, determine veteran’s preferences, build a resume, and search and apply for federal jobs.

The Medford Vet Crew  worked on wildfires in Utah and Idaho.

If you have specific questions, please feel free to call our National Cooperator and Veteran Affairs Coordinator, Steve Acarregui, at 208-387-5685.

Below are some tips on applying for wildland fire jobs. You may also want to check out the Department of the Interior’s Wildland Fire Jobs page.

How to apply for a wildland fire job:

Step 1

  • Go to:

Step 2

  • Select Sign in or Create an Account, (top right corner).
  • To Create an Account you will be asked to fill out a short form with basic personal information, select "Submit" at the bottom when you are finished. Once you submit this form, you will be automatically logged into your USAJOBS account.

Step 3

  • RESUME: You must build a resume with the USAJOBS Resume Builder BEFORE applying. Select “Build New Resume” then follow the steps to build your resume. On the last tab, "Finishing Up," select the “Save for Later,” this saves your resume.
  • You can store up to five resumes in USAJOBS. You have now completed the registration and resume information process, but still need to APPLY. We do NOT accept uploaded resumes. All resumes must be built with USAJOBS Resume Builder for wildland fire vacancy announcements.

Step 4

  • FIND VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT: Select "Search Jobs," then select either; "Basic Search" or "Advanced Search" and fill in the blocks with the information you are searching for, once complete select "Search" and then you will see the list of open vacancy announcements.

Step 5

  • REVIEW VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT: Review the announcement thoroughly. The announcement describes who is eligible to apply, what experience and/or education are required and what supporting documentation you need to fax/upload with your application. Your resume and documentation must support your responses to the vacancy questions.

Step 6

  • APPLY: Click “Apply Online,” link at the right side of the page. Select your USAJOBS resume to submit with your application and answer the vacancy questions.

Step 7

  • SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION: Submit required supporting documentation that applies to you (follow the Faxing/Uploading Steps). Then click "Finished," you will be redirected back to "My Account" on USAJOBS, where you can track your application. You must complete the entire application process and be redirected back to USAJOBS to successfully apply to a vacancy announcement.

Step 8

  • APPLICATION STATUS: Select "Application Status" once you are logged in to "My Account," find the vacancy you applied to, under the status column, it will indicate your status. If you select "More Information" it will direct you to another screen, where comments are posted concerning the status of the job you applied to. You will be notified via e-mail if you are referred.