A group conducts research in a water area on public lands. BLM photo.

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National Riparian Service Team

The National Riparian Service Team (NRST) is a national, interagency, multi-disciplinary effort to implement cooperative riparian restoration and management.   Team members with expertise ranging from hydrology, ecology, fisheries, wildlife, range management, soils, geology, and forestry, to social science, conflict management, public affairs and communication all serve as a combined resource available to help BLM field offices.

The NRST’s collaborative approach to technical information results in site specific problem solving, which may include training, assessing, and monitoring riparian and wetland health.  The approach is designed to address a variety of riparian issues, such as the types and locations of vegetation or the complex movement of water above and below the ground, while at the same time recognizing and addressing the social context within which these issues exist.