National Riparian Service Team

National Riparian Service Team
national riparian service team

For over a two decades, the National Riparian Service Team (NRST) has been leading implementation of an interagency effort to accelerate cooperative riparian restoration and management, focusing primarily in the Western United States. Under their leadership, a network comprised of teams and individuals with federal and state agency, non-government organization, university, and private affiliation, are implementing the Creeks and Communities Strategy at the state and regional scale. Core and adjunct team members have expertise in Hydrology, Ecology, Fisheries, Wildlife, Range Management, Soils and Geology, Forestry, Social Science, Conflict Management, Public Affairs and Communication. Their approach is specifically designed to address the technical dimensions of riparian issues while at the same time recognizing and addressing the social context within which these issues exist. The result is more effective integration of technical information into collaborative problem solving.

The NRST, in coordination with State Riparian Teams and Agency Coordinators, provides assistance with place-based problem solving, training, assessment, monitoring and grazing management relative to riparian-wetland resources. They are also available for mentoring and coaching.

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Steve Smith
National Riparian Service Team Lead
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