water stream at gila box arizona

BLM Arizona Water Program

Water resources include surface water and groundwater sources. Water of sufficient quality and quantity is integral to the successful management of the public lands managed by the BLM. The quality of water generated on public lands is just as important as the quantity, for clean water is a necessary resource both for mankind’s uses and for ecosystem sustainability. Clean and adequate supplies of water are necessary to promote healthy watersheds, provide fish and wildlife habitat, maintain drinking water sources, allow safe recreational use of our surface water, and maintain healthy plant communities and wildlife habitats.

People don't always associate water with the arid Southwest, but Arizona is home to major riparian areas and many organizations and citizens dedicated to managing water on public lands. By strengthening existing and forging new partnerships with stakeholders, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) ensures that the nation’s public lands are managed and conserved for future generations of Americans to use and enjoy.  The BLM is proud to be a member of the Gila Watershed Partnership.  Formed in 1992, the Partnership consists of dozens of local, state and federal agencies; community members; businesses; academia; and non-governmental organizations; all united by the determination to protect and improve the Upper Gila Watershed, its tributaries and its connection to the land and the people who live and work in the area.  

The Partnership works across physical, political, social, economic, cultural and geographic boundaries to address issues and implement solutions.  

The BLM is actively involved in monitoring water and reintroducing native fish in Bonita Creek in the Gila Box.