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 View across the West Desert of Utah.

BLM Utah Air Program

The BLM Utah has a goal to proactively manage air quality and atmospheric values during land management planning and when authorizing uses of the public lands while maintianing BLM's multiple-use management responsibilities. This means that the BLM will consider the potential effects of BLM projects, programs, and activities on air quality at the planning, leasing, and project level as appropriate. Examples of such activities include: energy and mineral resource development, hazardous materials management, land use authorizeations, smoke management, recreational uses, and transportation management. The primary tool BLM Utah uses to conduct long range air resource planning is regional photochemical modeling utilizing a reusable modeling framework.

Because air pollution does not stop at county or state lines the science and practice of air pollution control has been moving to managing air quality on an airshed basis, rather than limiting management based on political boundaries. A core concept of airshed management is the “one atmosphere” approach, which addresses all pollutants of concern in an area holistically, rather than addressing each separately which can be inefficient and counterproductive. Another core concept of the airshed management approach is to engage the community, residents, businesses, and local and state governments in decisions about the best course for protecting air quality. BLM Utah actively seeks out and participates in collaborative airshed management partnerships. 

Project Story

The BLM is implementing a wide-ranging air resource management and climate change indicator monitoring program in Utah. Working in concert with the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and our other public and private partners in Utah, we are installing and operating air and climate monitoring equipment across the state. The data from these monitoring efforts will be made publically available through this web page and in yearly management reports. Our goal is the inventory, protection, and management of air resources while providing for responsible multiple use of Utah’s public lands.

Interested public converse at the Millcreeek Area in Moab, Utah.