HQ-200 Business Team

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Comprehensive Support to Ensure Team Success

The HQ-200 Business Team manages the Directorate of Resources and Planning (HQ-200) business operations, including budget, information resource management, procurement, grants and agreements, information technology equipment, and human resources, and serves as liaison to the BLM Human Capital Management and National Operations Center. The Business Team provides day-to-day customer service to HQ-200 staff and external customers with the goal of equipping employees with the best technologies, resources, and tools to be effective in their jobs and support the mission. The Business Team supports the directorate in the following areas.


Provides leadership, facilitation, support, and oversight for all aspects of planning and execution, including budget reporting, facilitating grant and agreement submissions, and managing budget proposal submissions.

Human Resources

Works closely with human resources managers and specialists to support, facilitate, and track human resources actions within the directorate, including on- and off-boarding and updating the table of organization, contact list, and employee handbook.

photo of person working at desk in front of computer monitor

Workflow and Process Tracking

Tracks workload targets, accomplishments, and property, such as laptops, phones, and tablets.

General Administrative/Support Services

Provides timekeeping, scheduling, correspondence, procurement, and credit card and travel assistance.

Information Resource Management

The information resource portfolio includes custom applications and services built specifically to accommodate mission delivery of the directorate. The portfolio is comprised of the following systems:

  • Rangeland Administration System (RAS): Official BLM grazing recordation and compliance system.
  • Rangeland Improvement Project System (RIPS): Accommodates data regarding range improvements, such as spring developments, cattle guards, enclosures, fencing, and other similar developments.
  • Vegetation Management Action Portal (VMAP): A system for collecting, storing, editing, analyzing, and reporting vegetation treatment activities, including weed treatments, emergency stabilization and rehabilitation, hazardous fuels reduction, and rangeland management infrastructure.
  • Abandoned Mine and Site Cleanup Module (AMSCM): Tracks information about abandoned mine and hazardous material sites.
  • Wild Horse and Burro Program System (WHBPS): Tracks wild horse and burro information.
  • Forest Resource Information System (FRIS): Supports the inventory, management, and tracking of timber sales, activity, and reporting.
  • ePlannning: An application used for authoring, reviewing, public comment, and publication of all National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents.
  • Online Corral (OLC): Provides an online interface to adopt or purchase wild horses or burros, including animal descriptions, photos and videos, and an online application process.
  • Budget Proposal System SharePoint (BPSS) site: Provides an online tool to apply for project funding for all levels of the organization.

Contact Information

Please contact the business manager to learn how the HQ-200 Business Team can help with your business needs.

Patti Klein
Business Manager
(480) 435-4868