BLM Colorado manages 53 WSAs covering about 600,000 acres.

Featured Wilderness Study Area: Handies Peak Wilderness Study Area

A group of hikers on a trail in Handies Peak Wilderness Study Area. Photo by Bob Wick.

The Handies Peak Wilderness Study Area boasts the highest point of BLM-managed land outside of Alaska, coming in at 14,048 feet above sea level. In addition to its namesake peak, the WSA  hosts 12 other mountains rising over 13,000 feet, three major canyons, numerous small drainages, glacial cirques and three alpine lakes. Visitors enjoy include hiking, backpacking, camping, mountain climbing and photography in this unique alpine WSA.

BLM Colorado Wilderness Study Areas

A complete list of the BLM COLORADO wilderness study areas is below:

  • Adobe Badlands
  • American Flats
  • Ant Hills
  • Beaver Creek
  • Bill Hare Gulch
  • Black Canyon
  • Black Mountain
  • Black Ridge Canyons
  • Browns Canyon
  • Bull Canyon
  • Bull Gulch
  • Cahone Canyon
  • Camel Back
  • Castle Peak
  • Chew Winter Camp
  • Cross Canyon
  • Cross Mountain
  • Demaree, Diamond Breaks
  • Dolores River Canyon
  • Dominguez Canyon
  • Eagle Mountain
  • Hack Lake
  • Handies Peak
  • High Mesa Grassland RNA
  • Little Book Cliffs
  • Lower Grape Creek
  • McIntyre Hills
  • McKenna Peak
  • Menefee Mountain
  • Needle Rock ISA
  • North Sand Hills
  • Oil Spring Mountain
  • The Palisade
  • Papa Keal
  • Peterson Draw
  • Platte River Contiguous
  • Powderhorn
  • Rare Lizard & Snake Natural Area
  • Red Cloud Peak
  • San Luis Hills
  • Sewemup
  • Skull Creek
  • Squaw/Papoose Canyon
  • Troublesome
  • Upper Grape Creek
  • Vale of Tears
  • Weber Mountain
  • Weminuche Contiguous
  • West Cold Spring
  • Whitehead Gulch
  • Willow Creek
  • Windy Gulch