As of 2016 BLM Nevada’s 46 wilderness areas total 2,079,020 acres. Wilderness areas are intended to be essentially undisturbed by human activity. These areas are managed in perpetuity in accordance with the Wilderness Act of 1964 and the Bureau’s wilderness management regulations. BLM wilderness areas in Nevada offer visitors outstanding opportunities for solitude, as well as primitive and unconfined types of recreation. Caving, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, primitive camping, rock climbing and rocking hounding are all allowed inside wilderness areas. Mechanized forms of transportation, such as automobiles, ATVs, motorcycles and mountain bikes, are not allowed inside wilderness areas. 

Featured Wilderness Area: Mt. Charleston Wilderness

A wild horse seen at Mt. Charleston Wilderness Area. Photo by Cheryl Hobbs.

Though less than 45 minutes from Las Vegas, Mt. Charleston Wilderness feels like it is worlds away from the city with invigorating mountain air, ice-cold springs and evergreen forest amid the Spring Mountain National Recreation Area. This cool-weather oasis boasts a combined total of 56,018 acres and is jointly managed by the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management. Mt. Charleston is known as a sky island because of its high elevation and isolation from the drastically different desert lowlands. This wilderness extends along the crest of the mostly north-south Spring Mountains with towering cliffs, deep narrow canyons, steep hillsides and barren wind-swept summits. The landscape, ranging from 4,440 to 11,916 feet in elevation, showcases a variety of life zones, plants and animals. The Spring Mountains are also home to several endemic plants and animals. Over 18,000 acres of bristlecone pine trees, the most extensive stand of these trees in the Intermountain West, cover the lower ridges. These ancient trees bring an added touch of beauty and awe, with at least one tree known to be nearly 3,000 years old.

All BLM Nevada Wilderness

A complete list of the BLM Nevada wilderness areas is below:

Ely District (22):

  • Becky Peak
  • Big Rocks
  • Bristlecone
  • Clover Mountains
  • Delamar Mountains
  • Far South Egans
  • Fortification Range
  • Goshute Canyon
  • Government Peak
  • Highland Ridge
  • Meadow Valley Range
  • Mormon Mountains
  • Mount Grafton
  • Mount Irish
  • Mount Moriah
  • Parsnip Peak
  • South Egan
  • South Pahroc Range
  • Tunnel Spring
  • Weepah Spring
  • White Rock Range
  • Worthington Mountains

Southern Nevada District (13):

  • Arrow Canyon
  • Eldorado
  • Ireteba Peaks
  • Jumbo Springs
  • La Madre Mountain
  • Lime Canyon
  • Mt. Charleston
  • Muddy Mountains
  • North McCullough
  • Rainbow Mountain
  • South McCullough
  • Spirit Mountain
  • Wee Thump Joshua Tree

Winnemucca District (7):

  • Black Rock Desert
  • Calico Mountains
  • High Rock Lake
  • North Black Rock Range
  • North Jackson Mountains
  • Pahute Peak
  • South Jackson Mountains
  • Pine Forest Range
  • East Fork High Rock Canyon
  • High Rock Canyon
  • Little High Rock Canyon