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Whitney Mesa Preserve Area - City of Henderson

PTNA Projects: HN09, HN27, HN36

The Whitney Mesa Nature Preserve area within the City of Henderson is home to historic and cultural resources, wildlife habitat, natural springs, and prehistoric remains characteristic of the Pinto-Gypsum Period (7000-1500 Before Present), and the Virgin Anasazi Period (100 Before Present). The Preserve is approximately 5.69 acres in size.

The projects include the design and construction of over two miles of trails, ADA accessible nature trails, and rustic trails into the more natural areas within the site. The projects also include a trailhead, nature park, picnic areas, restroom facilities, parking areas, a tot lot, internal roadways with bicycle lanes, pedestrian paths, kiosks, and signage.

Project HN09 in Round 4 closed in March 2011 at $1.9M. Project HN27 in Round 6 closed in July of 2015 at $13.8M. Project HN36 closed in March 2015 at $3M.


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