BLM's Role in Recovery Efforts

The BLM’s Threatened and Endangered Species Program leads the conservation and recovery of federally listed species and Bureau Sensitive species that are at-risk of being listed.  The BLM is required under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) to protect and restore the habitats upon which listed species depend and to take actions that will foster recovery of listed species. The program’s priority is to recover federally-listed species so that protection under the ESA is no longer required and to implement conservation efforts for bureau sensitive plants and federal candidate species to preclude the need for listing.

Collaboration with Partners

The BLM works cooperatively with federal and state agencies, conservation organizations, private landowners, and industry for the conservation of federally-listed and Bureau Sensitive species on public lands. This includes using an ecosystem management approach to protect essential habitats on BLM lands and developing species-specific strategies with partners achieve conservation objectives across the range of the species. The BLM participates in developing recovery plans with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service, and provides technical, financial, and in-kind services for conservation. Collaboration with partners is essential for building relationships and improving efficiency by combining efforts to address the management needs of the species such that populations are stable and unlikely to become threatened again in the foreseeable future.

Investment in Endangered Species Recovery

The BLM also provides targeted funding to recover species through the Endangered Species Recovery Fund Initiative. Since 2010, approximately $1 million has been awarded to support key actions identified in approved recovery plans for 70 species. Projects funded through this initiative include habitat restoration for listed wildlife and plants, seed banking, surveys, monitoring, and genetic testing to determine the status of species populations.  BLM’s efforts contribute toward reducing the most important range-wide threats to species and improving habitat quality and lead to successful recovery.